Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow joke: I'm trashing my tree

Bubble wrap. It's not just for shipping anymore.

Yes, you know you've come full-circle as a wanna-be-green parent when you have bubble wrap bedazzling your Christmas tree.
Welcome to high art, 3-year-old style. My daughter came home the other day with the latest project, a "Happy Snow Days" decoration and was clearly impressed with herself. And the rules of momhood clearly state that somehow this great work must be acknowledged somehow. Given that baby brother is into yanking ornaments off the tree, I suppose it's better this temporary artwork than my collectible ornaments.
Don't get me wrong. The bubbles do play off like a snow, particularly when you've got the light backlighting it, but the sheer realization I've proudly put up trash on my tree is a bit off-putting.


Carol Michel said...

Just goes to show, one person's trash is another person's treasure!

That's a priceless ornament. You can't buy ornaments like that, full of love and the delight over Christmas.

Have a great holiday.
Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Chile said...

How wonderful your daughter is learning repurposing so young! :)