Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Getting creative with evergreen scraps

When you buy a fresh tree, it seems that little branches always find their way onto the floor of the car or your home.

Sure, you could toss it in the trash or compost it, but you can also use the rogue branches to inject a little more holiday spirit in your home.

Head on over to Money Saving Mom for creative ideas to use leftover evergreen branches, including to decorate packages, your mailbox decorations, chairs, your kitchen table and more.

Even if you don't buy fresh trees each year, Monica from The Homespun Heart writes that you can likely get free clippings from retailers that sell trees. Monica writes:

Beginning right after Thanksgiving, weekends are a perfect time to stop by and pick up some free greens. I've found it's helpful to stop at the tree trimming spot on our way in and say we'd like a load of clippings and then go pick out our tree as I've had employees start a pile for me and have it ready when I come out.

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Cathy said...

That's really pretty. We used to make a wreath from branches of our evergreen bushes.

Anonymous said...

Better Homes & Gardens did a similar idea in this month's issue by making ice luminarias. They are gorgeous, but it stays a little too warm here to make them practical.