Friday, May 16, 2008

Disappointing news from my CSA

Well, my first attempt at participating in community-supported agriculture is not going as planned. I received an e-mail this evening stating that the season's start is being pushed back for a third week due to heavy rain and cooler temps. Michigan State University is reporting that farmers in the region are also experiencing slower-than-usual starts to the season due to the cool spring.

So, while not having to have the A/C on in my house (or the heat) the last few days has been great for my electric bill, it's not for my hopes of fresh veggies in May.

Still, here's what's being promised as being on the horizon:

Our veggies are getting bigger, and we have lots of lettuce, radish, snow
peas, greens and boc choy around the way at our farm. We also have plenty of
"brassicas" going at our Atlanta location, including 2 varieties of broccoli, 3
varieties of cabbage, 2 varieties of cauliflower and a little kohlrobi.
Just getting planted this week we have plenty of, beans, squash, peppers and
tomatoes. LIFE farms is in full swing with tomatoes on the vine in their
greenhouses and plenty o' plants in the fields. Their early season leeks and
onions are looking great.

I'm hoping the slow start isn't a sign of more problems to come. We'll see if the local farmer's market is any better tomorrow morning.

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