Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Green on the cheap: Baking soda’s benefits

What if I told you about a natural cleaner that you could buy in bulk for about $6? That you wouldn’t have to worry if your children got into it, and even better, that it actually worked?I have one for you: Baking soda.

These days, baking soda is considered for little more than cooking. But it’s a cheap and effective – and green – way to get many of your cleaning tasks done without buying another bottle of green cleaning products.

Turns out, baking soda (with a little white vinegar) is the only thing that’s making a difference with my hard water stains in the bathroom. My child loves to help me “clean” with it, and it’s actually making a difference in the shower.

Here are other cleaning tasks that you can tackle with baking soda:

  • Unclogging drains
  • Removing strange smells from your fridge
  • Preventing odors in the litter box or trash can
  • Removing stubborn stains from coffee cups
  • Removing tarnish from your silver
  • Brushing your teeth

Want to know more? Here are a few links to get started:

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