Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fresh from the farmers market: Radishes revisited

Radishes have not touched my lips for 25 or so years, yet I still remember the sharpness of their flavor, which weren't tempered by the salt my parents poured on those red, raw roots.

Today, I threw in the towel and tried them again, after overhearing a vendor at the local market discuss how his wife sauteed them with green garlic. For a dollar, why not? I thought.

I was pleasantly surprised. Tossing radishes in a pan with olive oil, a little cracked black pepper and some diced green garlic made them significantly more mellow. A few minutes' worth of work made for an unusual dish for my lunch today.

And I might wait less than a quarter century to try them again.

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Chile said...

Did you know there's a wide variety of radishes, too? Through our CSA, we've gotten a nice variety (Black Spanish, Cherry Bells, Daikon, Easter Egg, & French Breakfast). I'm sure there are more!