Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fighting fever naturally

The school's number flashes on my phone and I cringe. I know what it means this time of day: Someone is sick.

Yes, my little guy wasn't feeling well, the after-school care staff reported. And after getting him home, we confirmed the worst: a temperature of 100.2.

Interestingly, he wanted nothing to do with taking Tylenol. Instead he asked me for oils: Pizza feet and peppermint oil.

The peppermint essential oil, which is cooling, especially for a fever, went on his neck and belly per his request. The "Pizza Feet" is our adaptation of what's known as a flu protocol. For my kids who are feeling "off" and on their way to the flu, rather than have them take oils internally, I will rub oregano essential oil (hence the "pizza feet") on the soles of their feet, along with doTerra OnGuard Essential Oil Blend and lemon essential oil. The great thing is they can use it as needed, rather than wait for four to six hours for them to be able to take ibuprofen again.

While I'm still working with my husband on raising his comfort level with using the oils on sick days, it just amazes me what the kids know their body needs. My son came to me first and requested what he wanted to help his body feel better.

For other tips on fighting the flu and cold naturally, visit Good Girl Gone Green's recent post.


Truffula said...

I *love* the "pizza feet"! Hope your little patient is feeling much better!

robbie @ going green mama said...

Thanks! He did wonderfully! Within an hour of waking up the next morning he was begging to go to McDonalds and was back to his usual self. What a blessing to only be down for 10 hours or so instead of the many days some of his classmates have been sick for!

Barb @ A Life in Balance said...

Interesting. I've never heard of using oils with herbs to bring down fevers. Tucking this tip away to try.

Thanks for sharing it at Motivation Monday.

Queentob said...

Oh love pizza feet! Thanks for the tips! Is there an age recommendation for essential oils?

robbie said...

Queentob - These are generally safe to use, especially in small quantities. I have a friend who started using them with her child before she turned one. With smaller bodies, you typically go for more of the milder oils and dilute in coconut oil (or even baby oil) because of their sensitive skin. It's better to do less more frequently - like a drop! - as you can put more on as often as you need it.

Becky Elmuccio said...

Pizza feet is such a cute term for the oregano oil! Thanks for linking up on Tuesday Greens and hope the little one felt better soon.