Thursday, July 12, 2012

Go Green Get Fit Update

Like many women, I dread getting on the scale. Especially at the doctor, where it's public and documented for all history.

But this week, I got an unexpected surprise.

"You've lost weight, girl! You're down 11 pounds from last year!" the NP announced in my room.

It was a great feeling, especially since I've felt challenged with my weight of late. I've plateaud for months, and have really struggled with energy levels the last two weeks. The heat has taken its toll, as well as stress at work. I've struggled with exhaustion every morning this week, barely getting out of bed. This morning I've realized a pattern: unexpectedly high morning blood sugars like I've neever seen before. And it's not obviously diet-related.

Despite challenges, I've been focusing on sneaking in exercise when I can. Even on my late morning wake-ups, I make sure I get in 15 minutes of stretching and strength work before I get the kids up. And even if I'm playing with my kids at the pool, I'm making sure I'm always moving, not sitting at the sidelines.

My health got here in a series of steps. And it will get better in baby steps, too.

How is your challenge going?

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Lynn said...

Congratulations! I know the feeling and it's a good one.