Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Go Green Get Fit Challenge Update

Half-way through the Go Green Get Fit challenge, I'm declaring a do-over.

I confess: I have been up to my eyeballs with a huge corporate deadline looming at the end of next month. My typically coping patterns: Snack. Or take a walk around the block during the workday to vent - the latter of which has been derailed by the last months' 90 and 100-degree temperatures.

So my sugars are off. My stress levels are up. My kids are feeding off of it, and the air quality is so bad that I'm even reluctant to take them to the pool.  A recipe for bad news on the scale.

I've been sucking down Diet Cokes left and right to stay on track. It's not a great sign for my health.

I could keep complaining. Or I could declare a do-over.

A few days ago, I had a realization. If I don't take care of mom, who will take care of the family?

So I quit making excuses and just did it. I've gone walking-running most mornings, and often take a pint-size running partner with me if he is up early enough. (Why not share healthy habits now?)

I bought portion-controlled fruit juice packs and bulk nuts to have on hand in the office - no more excuses to reach for cookies at the front desk.

I packed my lunch.

I signed up for my first race since I was pregnant with my 4 1/2 year old.

I took my children for walks and pool-walked while my kids happily splashed in the shallow end of the pool.

And I feel better already.

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