Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sometimes, there are more important things

Sometimes, there are more important things than blogging. There, I said it.

Yes, I love to write. And sometimes, it falls behind. This is one of those months. I'll be honest. It's been a toughie.

In the last few weeks, we've dealt with a loved one with a cancer scare and a friend of my husband's family who committed suicide - both tough to deal with, tougher at times when you're miles from home and can't do a darn thing but pray.

In the last few weeks, work has gotten more intense - a pattern I see continuing through at least April of next year, if I'm still standing that long.

In the last few weeks, we've dealt with work being put off due to a knee injuries, coupled with co-pays and daily daycare without the income set off. Not to mention the pain my husband dealt with on a daily basis.

In the last few weeks, we've had even more financial crises (as if we hadn't had enough) - trying to prove to the state that our children were ours on our taxes (I'd be happy to send a diaper as additional proof!), the loss of our financial aid due for this school year due to a community college error ("Sorry" doesn't cut it) and now the ominous "check engine" light glowing on our car that has 178,000 miles on it (that just doesn't say cheap fix).

Throw in a few tantrums or 12 (mine included), daily battles over bedtime and many sleepless nights (for what I wish were good reasons), and my creativity just isn't flaring.

So yes, sometimes there are more important things than blogging. Like hugging your children and reading a story. Or resting your head on your husband's shoulder the one night he's not in too much pain to cuddle. Or just remembering why you're a family.

So today, this is your chance. Pick up your phone. Call someone you care about. Remind them that you do. It's far better than reading a stranger's words on a screen.


Lisa said...

So sorry to hear about your stress! I think there is something off about this summer, it's been a stressful summer for so many people including myself.

Hopefully it will all start looking up. Good thoughts and prayers being sent.

Robbie said...

Lisa, thanks for the kind thoughts. We really are fine and are taking this all as a lesson in trust!