Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hermie Watch: Waiting for wings

As we're waiting for Hermie to grow its wings, we've taken the opportunity this week to learn about butterflies and caterpillars.

The first fun fact, we looked up caterpillars and learned that the excrement has a fancy name - frass. That will impress the science teachers.

Actually, we're excited to find out that, based on Hermie's coloring, it is likely a Monarch. And we're about 10 days away from seeing him in full glory. While we waited, we decorated a page and imagined what Hermie will look like as a butterfly.

We also looked up videos about the chrylasis process, which is actually pretty cool. Here's a video we liked:

It's hard to contain her excitement, but it's been an interesting week!


Carol Michel said...

"Frass"... I like that. I will impress my co-workers and other gardeners when I talk about "frass".

Robbie said...

Just as long as you don't drop that word in a meeting when referencing my ideas. :)