Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fairy Garden Kit Winner

The winner of the fairy garden seed kit is Mia J. Please contact me with your mailing information at goinggreenmama at gmail, and I'll get it sent to you.

Thanks to everyone who participated! Look back here for another garden giveaway later this month.

Check back on the comments page if you're interested in great ideas on how parents have encouraged their kids to get active in gardening. There's some great ideas. But the best story comes from Alycia:

My daughter has helped me in the garden since she was a toddler also. Her
favorite thing to grow has always been radishes, a very unusual choice for a
little one! Aside from often trying to harvest them too early, our "girlie girl"
was known for pulling the, wiping them off on her jeans, and eating them....dirt
and all!

Have a great week!

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