Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bloomington Winter Market

It may techincally be spring, but winter markets are in full swing. If you're missing your springtime fix of plant starts and produce, look no further!

A few weeks ago, we finally had the chance to check out the Bloomington Winter Market . If you've ever had visions of a winter market being baked goods and canned veggies from the previous fall, think again.

We were impressed with the variety we found. Plant starts - something I'd written off in Indiana as being unavailable until Mother's Day. Produce. Eggs and cheeses. Herbal teas and yarn. Even salmon, our big splurge for the weekend.

The Bloomington Winter Market is smaller than the one in downtown Indy but worth the drive if you're looking for something a little less crowded. This is the last weekend for Bloomington; it's open until noon at Harmony School. If you're headed south this weekend, check it out!

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