Monday, June 1, 2009

When is a cow not a cow?

When is a cow not a cow?

When it looks like this:

Let me explain.

Saturday we visited Traders Point Creamery's open house and free ice cream day. We'd been bothered by our oldest about going to the "cow farmers market" (they have a Friday evening green market), and we know the highlights are not just the four-legged kind. They also come in the amazing ice cream cones found in their dairy barn. So Saturday, we went up to enjoy them all.

We had an amazing time on the farm. Both kids were impressed by the cows, who were "eating cow grass." We loved seeing the newborn calves, some just two weeks old, who were hidden in the shade of the barn.

My little guy was so impressed, he added a new word to his vocabulary, even when it meant the two-legged kind, which he wanted to chase.

Yes, to a 17-month-old, these are "cows" too. Spoken like a true city slicker!


Cathy said...

that's so cute! sounds like a fun time!

Green Bean said...

Aw, that's too cute!! Hey, chickens are kind of cow-ish. In a they might both live on a farm sort of way.

CRH said...

Adorable...sure they are just another form of cow...the chicken cow??? Dont they have those everywhere??? LOL

Robbie said...

Don't you remember that old cartoon on the Cartoon Network - Cow & Chicken ("Mama had a chicken, Mama had a cow...")

Yea, well everything is a cow now. Dogs are cows. Ducks are cows. It's pretty darn cute!