Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Farmers markets at your local hospital?

Health care institutions are supposed to be the hallmark of how to live a healthier lifestyle. So I was surprised many years ago when I worked next to a hospital that had a McDonald's right inside!

Today, times are changing. Healthier menus are on the platter, and some hospitals are even playing host to farmers markets. It's a great idea. Check out this article at CNN.


beffuh said...

Are you thinking about the Wishard Farmer's Market that is now in swing every Tuesday? Yes, the McDonald's in Riley may seem a bit strange, but I'm excited for checking out the veggies (and Rene's!) at Wishard's Farmer's Market!

Robbie said...

I wasn't aware of a market at Wishard, though I think it's a great idea for that part of our community. Can you post any details?

beffuh said...

Sure! The Wishard Farmer's Market is currently underway from 11am-1.30pm on Tuesdays (through September 1). There are a few vendors with veggies and sometimes people with organic or made from scratch products. Additionally, there are "cookouts from the Cafeteria"--meaning hamburgers, hotdogs, and chicken on the grill that can be bought, and last week I got a really tasty dill chicken salad sandwich for lunch.

This farmer's market is located around the perimeter of the Wellness Gardens behind the Bryce Building--if you turn onto Wishard Boulevard, it's kind of in between but set back from the first two buildings on your right. There are a few signs to point you in the right direction.

This is not the most extensive farmer's market Indy has to offer, but it's nice being downtown (and it's more timely for those on the IUPUI campus than the City Market downtown) and I look forward to checking it out every week.

Additionally, last week Rene's Bakery was there (I don't remember them being there last year, but I may just be unobservant) and I scored some ginger molasses cookies.

Two links from Wishard:
News blurb from 2008: