Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The strangest sibling battle we've had to date

Tonight as I picked up my kids from day care, I fully expected a sugared-up nightmare. After all, there was not one but two birthdays in the house that day.

Instead, I was happily greated by the birthday princess, complete with tiara and new Barbie doll (making the Barbie count for this week exceeding her years of life!). My son, however, was not empty handed.

No, he was toddling around with his prized possession: A cucumber. And not just any cucumber. One that stretched nearly to his knees, curling around in just such a way it looked like he was playing a trumpet.

Because you see, circling his lips were tiny slivers of cucumber skin as he knawed away at it. To each his own.

It only got stranger on the way home. He knawed away at his cucumber, until his sister declared that she was hungry and insisted on eating some cucumber as well. So that poor cucumber was passed back and forth for the next 10 minutes, each kid chomping away at it while the other protested furiously that it wasn't in their hands.

As a parent, I expect sibling rivalry. I expect fighting over toys. Fighting over cucumbers? That's not in the parenting books. That much I am sure!

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