Saturday, February 7, 2009

Smile for Saturday

As I'm spending much of this unseasonably warm Saturday afternoon trying to get not one but both kids down for a desperately needed (for all of us!) nap, I'm trying hard to focus on what I love most of them in the midst of my frustrations.

So I leave you with the one lesson I learned this week. Each day my kids go to daycare while my husband is unavailable to watch them, we have a routine on the way home when we talk about what we did that day. Usually it's a laundry list of who hit who, what was eaten for snack and what was discussed during "preschool time."

On Tuesday, the topic of note was Groundhog Day. I asked my daughter what groundhogs did.

She said, "They faint on their tushies."

Yep. Six more weeks of winter would make anyone pass out!

Enjoy your weekend!

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