Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How does your garden grow?

No sooner than the Christmas catalogs stop coming than the garden ones take their place.

And as soon as they arrive, those garden catalogs get strewn over the house as wish lists are written. The funny thing is, it's not just my husband and I checking them out. My 3 year old insists on flipping through the catalogs as well and placing her "orders." I figure, if she's interested then I have a helper!

A few weeks ago, I asked her what she wanted to plant this year in the garden. Her answers:

"More" strawberries
Tomatoes. (I was informed that "growed tomatoes" make her happy but "not growed" - off the vine and on her plate - make her sad!)

Last weekend, we started some of our shopping for this year's seeds at Botanical Interests. My daughter's gardening wish list for 2009 has since evolved to:

"Rainbow carrots" (I have to admit, they are kind of cool.)
Multicolor beans (She saw a packet of yellow, green and purple bush beans online.)
Shallots (!)

Gardening is not going to be cheap for this one! Hopefully she will be just as interested in the growing process this year.

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