Friday, February 20, 2009

Firing my warning shot

Consider yourselves warned...

I'm seriously considering giving up Diet Coke for Lent. I feel I need to give you all fair warning so you can 1) move out of the country, if needed, 2) duck and cover or 3) be generous and stock up on aspirin for me for those post-caffeine withdrawal headaches.

I have no idea why I am subjecting myself to such torture. After all, I have a huge deadline coming up at work for April 1. The kids are not sleeping well, and neither are we. And franky, I need something for that morning jolt and mid-afternoon perk.

And then I did the math. 40 days. 4 Diet Cokes or so a day. I realize I'm a creative person and not a math person, but that's 160 sodas, or nearly 14 12-packs. Yikes. That's got to at least fill up my recycling bin at least once, even if the cans are flattened. And that doesn't count the paperboard cases or the gas and wear on my car from traveling to and from getting my fix.

What's just as bad is the other math. Fourteen 12-packs - when prices are good - tops out at $50 easily. That's a lot of money that can make a difference to someone in these challenging times.

So be forewarned. I may not have my usual smiling face. And if you're my guest in my home, I'm dragging you down with me. No sodas in my home. Or at least that's the plan.

Is anyone else equally crazy? Willing to give up something that makes a difference but will be a bit painful in changing your routine? Or is the rest of the world just giving up chocolate?


Carol said...

I appreciate the warning! I'm not that crazy, but now anything I think of, or am willing to try, seems quite lame compared to giving up diet Coke.

Rjs said...

OK, I know you know me far too well to know this wasn't considered lightly.

The funny thing is the reaction I get from people, like, I was just thinking about maybe giving up junk food. There's something pseudo-sacred about our caffeine fixes!

Corie said...

Wow! You go, girl! I had considered giving up sodas, too, although I only tend to drink them when we go out to eat. So giving them up wouldn't be nearly as traumatic as you! :o) Good luck! You can do it!

Lisa Sharp said...

I don't know what I'm giving up right now...

If you are just wanting to give up soda, you can get caffeine in a more natural healthy way by drinking tea.

Caffeine calms me down (ADD) and helps my headaches (not caffeine ones my vascular ones) so I drink tea, I gave up soda a long time ago.

Walking Green said...

I considered giving up coffee, but I love my family too much to torture them with the maniacal person that I am without. So, I am going to try cutting back consumption.

I gave up soda a long time ago, but haven't quite kicked the caffeine habit.

Good luck!