Monday, October 20, 2008

Homemade Holidays: Snowman kits

Tucked up in our closet, waiting for winter, is a snowman kit we received a Christmas or two back. Now that my oldest is old enough to enjoy the snowman-building process, the box will likely be dusted off this winter and come out to play.

You can buy "snowman kits" from many, many sources online, but it's nearly as simple to make your own, taking advantage of some of the things you may already have on hand:
  • A baby formula scoop, cleaned and painted, for a pipe
  • Rocks or old circular play pieces (random, homeless poker chips?), painted, for eyes
  • Old hat or scarf (which you could easily find in good shape at Goodwill or another resale shop)
  • Lids from soda bottles (again, painted) for buttons
  • Plastic or wooden carrot for nose

Package in a box or tote labeled "Snowman kit."

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