Wednesday, October 15, 2008

APLS: Education and inspiration

This month's APLS topic is on how we learn about and stay inspired about being environmentally friendly. Thanks to Abbie at Farmer's Daugther for hosting!

As it's a busy month in the office, I am liberally lifting Abbie's post introducing our bloggers' topics. If I wait to share these posts and my opinions until I get to read all of these, the month may be over!

Daphne, who blogs at Daphne’s Dandelions, takes a break from her usual topic of
gardening to post about how she educates herself on sustainability in unexpected places, like Science Fiction conventions. At home, she plays the role of the
“Green Nag” in her family in order to make sure things are done as
sustainably as possible. She’ll also educate strangers, but only when

Katie from A Green Fire writes about how she first learned about sustainable, frugal, green living from her family, and then as an adult out of the necessity to be
frugal. She also talks about how much she learns doing research to
write her blog posts, and shares it with her family and readers

Green Bean writes about educating others through her Victory Garden. As she says, “Grab a shovel and start spreading the word!”

Laura, the Fearless Chef describes the importance of food in living the sustainable lifestyle: “The simplest, most effective way to teach people about sustainable food sources is to feed them.

As Beth at Fake Plastic Fish writes, “Sitting hour upon hour in front of the computer, I crave the ‘classroom’ of the natural world. What are some ways to learn about what’s ‘real’?” Read her post and see what she comes up with.

Robbie at Going Green Mama writes about life lessons she’s learned in the process of going green. My favorite is “Grandma’s ways sometimes worked.”

Tina at crstn85 writes about her “education overload” and how she loves to share her environmental enthusiasm with others.

Healther at Simple-Green-Frugal describes her education as read, read, read, be fearless, and live the life. Sharing her jams and inspiring others to get out and walk are a few examples of how Heather spreads the sustainable message.

Ruchi at Arduous Blog writes about her experiences continuing her education in London, and how she appreciates learning so much more now that she’s grown

Bobbi at To Live Local describes how she puts her love of words into actions, both in her community and in her own family.

Ruth, who blogs at Musings of an Everyday Woman and also happens to be my mom, writes about how our visit to the Island School changed her views on sustainability,
and how she’s made changes since returning home

Stephanie at Sunbeam Soapbox writes about the huge amount of information available and how we all need to work together to learn it, because it may just be too much for one person to do it all.

Joyce at Tall Grass Worship gives credit to all the green bloggers out there spreading the sustainability message, even though she may not agree with most of their political views. She also acts as a sustainable role model.

Finally, if you want an Environmental Science teacher’s take on her own education in sustainable living and how she passes it on to her students and others, you can read my (Abbie's) post here at Farmer’s Daughter.

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