Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back to School Spa Party for Girl Scouts

Back to school mean added stresses; so it's time to destress with a girls-only DIY spa party!DIY spa party ideas for a sleepover party or Girl Scout troop meeting. Most items are simple to find in your garden!

We treated the girls in our Junior Girl Scout troop to a back to school spa party for their first meeting. It was a low-key way to start off the year and subtlely talk about stress!

A back to school spa party can be as elegant (and costly) or inexpensive as your troop's budget allows. Here's what we planned for the girls - and most of the ingredients for our spa recipes came from our garden:

Our troop kept the spa party low-cost without losing the experience; we used bandanas for head wraps to keep banana out of the hair; we took cucumbers and the dill for the nail soak from the garden. 

We did treat the girls to a mini bottle of nail polish for their own pedicures if they remembered the Girl Scout Law.  All told it was less than $15 for the meeting.

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E3 Power said...

There is no better way to teach young girls how to go green (and de-stress) than planning affordable and natural beauty treatments. And the price was right!