Thursday, September 4, 2014

Treating Lice Naturally (No Chemical Lice Shampoo)

This is the one post I hope you'll never have to use.

Last winter my daughter was distraught. She caught lice. And a couple of the girls were ruthless.

We went through not one but two rounds of the chemical lice shampoo in stores with no breakthrough. The darn things eluded us. And her scalp was the only thing affected. She cried whenever I'd pick her hair, as her scalp was raw.

That's when I wondered, Could we do better? Did we have to use a chemical shampoo that only seemed to hurt rather than help?

We sprung for a metal, professional-use lice comb online, as the plastic ones that came in lice kits didn't seem to help - in fact, they kept breaking. It was the best $10 we could spend.

We also treated her sensitive scalp and hair with essential oils. After doing some research, we ended up creating a blend of coconut oil with tea tree oil, lavender essential oil, euchalyptus essential oil and rosemary essential oil. We diluted it with the coconut oil and rubbed into her scalp and hair, then combed out any nits. We continued this every other day for a week, and we finally broke through!

Even now, we periodically do a check as a precaution - particularly after overnights and camping!

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