Sunday, October 20, 2013

Yes to restful Sundays - even as a working mom

I don’t think it’d be possible for me to stay home on Saturday and Sunday…that’s when I get everything done around my house that I’m not able to do during the week when I’m working. And I so wish I had some margin in my days, but again, it’s just not possible with a full time job. 

When I saw this quote from Allison on the Money Saving Mom blog this morning, I just felt sad. Yes, working moms can make the impossible happen: Making Sunday a day of rest.

Finding the balance between work, home, chores and faith is always a struggle. My husband works odd hours and most weekends, and I confess many weekends I feel behind and ever-ragged. But building out a bit of down time into your weekend - which in theory is a time of rest but in practice often is not - can be a gift from God.

Has my family evolved into one from "Little House on the Prairie," where the kids sit sullenly on the chairs while their father reads from Scripture? No. But we are quietly working in ways to enlist a little more rest into our weekends.

Here is how we're making the juggle happen.

1) On Sundays when dad is off work, it's family day. It may mean listening to the Chiefs game on the radio, snuggling watching cooking shows or going for a hike, but family is together.

2) Homework gets done before Sunday night. It gets squeaked in before Friday dinner or early Saturday morning. (We even did it before we left town for fall break at Grandma's.) Getting homework done early sets the tone for a positive start for the week.

3) Church is family time. Whenever possible we attend as a family. It may mean attending at unusual hours but the kids know that unless someone is sick, we worship as a family.

4) Sunday morning is quiet time. The kids may quietly play, catch up on "Cat Chat" recordings or read books. We enjoy a home-cooked breakfast and stay in our PJs as late as we can.

5) Laundry doesn't stack up for Sunday. I'm blessed to have a washer with a timer, so I get my laundry loaded before the kids wake up in the mornings and set it to wash about an hour before I get home. (OK, I do confess, the folding may accumulate, but at least no one has dirty clothes.)

6) Errands are reserved for Saturdays when possible. It might be a trip to the farmers market or pharmacy, but I try to group them all together.

7) I try to begin my day with a quiet reflection or prayer before the kids wake up. Somehow it sets the right tone.

8) I use my late Sunday mornings or early afternoons as a time to cook meals or things that might not otherwise get done. Cooking is a form of relaxation to me, and I'll admit, the smell of the bread dough rising is calling!

While my Sundays may not be completely quiet, I feel just by carving some of my time for rest has made a huge difference in our home life.

How to you make the juggle? What works for you in trying to create  a sense of rest in a hectic weekend?

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