Thursday, September 19, 2013

Learning about pain management with oils...the hard way

"Mommy, it feels worser," my five year old told me the other day.

Worser. Just the word a mother does not want to hear, especially when your little one has hobbled around for a day already.

The foot wasn't swollen. It wasn't bruised. But it was worser. So I made an appointment online with my pediatrician for the next day and assessed my options. Yes, there was ibuprofen, but it only did so much.

Would oils help? Yes, I've used lemongrass, Deep Blue and peppermint for muscle soreness, and while essential oils can be used for pain management, I wasn't sure how it'd work for a little guy.

So we went out on a limb, so to speak. And the good news? It worked. For the last two days I've used the Deep Blue Rub and Deep Blue essential oil blend on my little guy's foot, and he's feeling good enough to (slowly) tag along with his buddies at extended care.

Even better? The X-ray said no broken bone. Now, I just need to teach my kindergartener that tackle football with your buddies isn't the best option for after school play!

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