Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tiny Fitness Partners: My Go Green Get Fit Update

You won't see a time posted for my first 5k in five years. In fact, I never even showed up at the start line.

Instead, due to worries about Isaac, I clocked my miles with not one but two training buddies on Saturday. My first was an early-morning hike with my four-year-old. Later in the day, post-rain drops, we logged another mile and a half with my daughter.

Working out with your little ones may not always get you in that target heart rate, but it puts your heart in the right place. It's always amazing what they come up with.

Sharing my exercise journey with my children has been one of my biggest joys of this challenge. While initially I was frustrated with my little guy waking up and wanting to "run" the minute I was about to leave for a jog, I've grown to love our conversations when it happens. And I'm loving the one-on-one time afforded by alternate soccer practice times, leaving me with the other child on the sidelines to kick a spare ball around and just chat.

Have I made great strides in this journey? Perhaps not. My scale has stubbornly stayed at the same place - but I take that with a bit of a smile, as it dovetailed with a horrendous project at work that otherwise might have meant a five or 10-pound jump on the scale from too much chair time and not enough taking care of me.

But I'm glad to have made this journey, simply because of those who joined me.

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