Saturday, June 4, 2011

Farmers Market Update

Today at the Green Phone Booth, we're checking in to see how our local markets are going. It's late spring here, and I feel like spring didn't happen. First it was wet - really wet - and unseasonally cool, not we're unseasonally hot. It feels like we jumped straight to summer.

We're still in plant mode at our local market. I was tempted to buy lettuce, one of the few actual foods available, but as my husband is working during most family meals the next few days, I worry that we won't use it all up. (Plus I'm cleaning out the last of my freezer.)

My best finds this week?

  • Heirloom tomatoes and peppers for $1

  • Garlic scape (5/$1 for those who don't grow garlic)

  • Herb plants for $2.25 (The great thing is I know this vendor will have them much of the summer, so as I pull out my peas, I can always replace them with herbs.)

But I'm ready for things to actually start growing so we can enjoy our summer harvest!

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