Friday, January 1, 2010

Blessings of a year gone by

Having been through one of the most personally and professionally challenging years of my life, I'm not sad at all to see 2009 go.

Yet while walking through my silent home, staring at the faces of my sleeping angels - yes, even my husband looks sweet at night - I'm reminded that I have much to be grateful from the past 365 days.

This year, I've watched my oldest blossom and my youngest develop his own personality (even if it's a fiesty 2-year-old one). And, with the exception of more ear infections than I care to recall, both of them are healthy and (usually) happy.

This year, I've watched my husband, whose industry was one of the first hit in the recession, re-develop confidence and succeed as a born-again college student. To say I'm proud of all he's done under the obstacles we've faced is an understatement. College is a challenge in itself. To do it as a parent who's trying to pay a mortgage is a whole new ballgame.

This year, we've had to rethink our priorities in life, and we've realized we can live with far, far less than we thought we once could. Not that we're perfect, mind you, but we're take things a bit easier than perhaps we would a few years' back.

And I've been blessed to realize that, despite our challenges, we've had help along the way. Where fair-weather friends faltered, others came to be. Where budgets on paper may not have seemed to work out, we've amazingly accrued very little extra credit card debt as a result of this journey. And I'm happy to report that two days ago my husband accepted a permanent part-time job that will work around his classes. So, yes, a little bit of faith - and a heck of a lot of patience! - never hurts.

Hopeful that 2010 will bring more blessings to your lives as well! Happy New Year!

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