Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beyond the Hallmark moments

"Merry freakin' Christmas. I get tires."

Yes, that was my post on my Facebook page just days before the birth of Christ. But the funny thing is, it was done with a lot of love and caring. My tires were worn, in fact - something I hadn't checked seeing I had a relatively new vehicle.

I saw dollars at a time we didn't have much. And yet, that simple act - ensuring our safety on the roads - is one of true kindness and compassion.

I think back to the story my mother tells of when she and my dad were dating or were newlyweds, I can't remember which, when he bought her tires for Valentine's Day so she would be safe when she drove on wintery Wisconsin roads.

But acts of love don't have to be costly or conventional, and they don't have to come shrink-wrapped in a box of chocolates, fuzzed-up in a teddy bear or trimmed down in a tiny nightie. Everyday moments can show the love for one another.

Like the wool socks my now-husband bought for me in college, because I'd complain about my feet freezing in the mile-ish hike to one of my classes (OK, or any other time).

Or the fact that my daughter wants to give her toys to her brother or a good friend, not because she doesn't want it, but because she thinks others will get the same enjoyment.

Or in the simplicity of a hug after a bad day.

This Valentine's Day, I challenge you to think outside the norms and find your own way to share your love for someone else dear to you. Maybe it's snuggling under a fuzzy blanket and watching a movie after the kids go to sleep. Or a stroll by starlight. Or a phone call or handwritten note. Or even doing a chore for someone who usually takes on that task. Because it's those little moments that mean the most.

This is my contribution for the January APLS Carnival on Greening Your Valentine's Day, hosted by Retro Housewife Goes Green on Jan. 19. Join us by sending your posts to love_cats05(at)yahoo(dot)com by Jan. 17. If you're interested in hosting a future month, post below how we can reach you.


Aimee said...

amen, sister!

Linda A said...

Your ideas are beautiful because they involve the heart and not stuff!

Linda at Citizen Green