Sunday, November 29, 2009

Printer ink headaches

A new color printer for an early Christmas gift... Great, right?

Until you find out, to my husband's dismay, that the new printer takes five cartridges of ink instead of two.

Add to the insult is that HP apparently sets your ink to expire and refuses to print if the ink is out of date. Here's one way to get around the hassle.

In the meantime, I'm voting for keeping the old printer running for those day-to-day jobs and using the monster for my photo projects.

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bhelenj said...

My printer takes 6 instead of 2 and I love it. If I run out of yellow, I only have to replace the yellow, not the whole color cartridge that still has 2 other colors of varying amounts of ink still left in it. The only problem with a brand new printer of any brand these days is that they supposedly come with "starter" cartridges (not full size cartridge). I'm not sure if this is true or just sales people trying to sell more ink up front.