Monday, November 9, 2009

The gift of yourself

Our department has a tradition of adopting a family each Christmas. Unfortuantely, this year, when I put it up for a vote, I was floored. A third responded. And of that third, only two said a definite "yes."

The economy was cited as an issue for those declining or on the fence, and I wonder. Here we are in a profession that pays respectably, yet we can't cobble together gifts to make a family's season brighter?

It's not easy asking to be on the receiving end. For families who step forward, they simply want their children to have the things they need (clothing) and a small sense of normalcy (every other kid got something under the tree). I should know. We were there last year.

I can tell you also, that after pouring over families' "applications" each year, these are families who truly do need help. Sometimes they are asking for simple things, like dishes or diapers or a gift card for gas. Sometimes, the kids just want to be normal, asking for a video game or hot toy. And they trust that someone will give them an opportunity for once to forget that things aren't right.

But the thing is, we all can make family's holidays - and any time of year - just a little bit brighter. Two lunches not eaten out can be spent on a shirt for a child. A pizza avoided, a pair of shoes. One less toy for our child could be breakfast for someone else. A week's worth of Starbucks could help feed a family for a few days.

So maybe stretching outside of our comfort zone is just the thing we need. Maybe we buy less this year for our families. Maybe we buy more thoughtfully with the dollars we spend. Or maybe we invest all that time that would be spent shopping into time with our loved ones.

But that little gift of ourselves - those small sacrifices we make - might make a difference beyond measure.

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Lisa said...

Thanks for the link! This has been a popular subject this week. :)

Janel said...

We just discussed this in our staff meeting yesterday. Happy to say that all agreed that even though it's a hard time for everyone; now is not the time to stop reaching out. So we'll be adopting two families again this year -- hope everyone will help.

Green Bean said...

Important point you make. A friend noted that her husband's company recently had its gift matching policy. Less than half the company participated this year - way down from previous years. Again, the economy was cited as the reason but, really, even in these hards times you point out that we can all skip that coffee or pizza out and cobble together something for those even less fortunate than ourselves.