Friday, October 9, 2009

What do you do with 4 cups of rosemary?

A forecast of lows in the low 30s this weekend means my herbs are facing a losing battle. Last night, I stood in the rain as I started a very soggy harvesting process.

The early results? A bunch of rosemary the diameter of a Nerf ball and the height of my 4-year-old from her head past her waist. I'm guessing that even with sharing with coworkers this morning I've got a good 4 cups or so of fresh rosemary left in my home.

So here's my question: What should I do with it? Post any and all ideas here! Otherwise I'll spend my weekend just drying my branches, which isn't the most exciting way to spend the day.


The Prudent Homemaker said...

After they're dried, you can grind them in a nut grinder. No stores sell ground rosemary, but it is FANTASTIC to ue in recipes tha call for rosemary. I use it in Rosemary Olive Oil bread.

Unknown said...

In Texas rosemary is an evergreen, and it gets unruly if you don’t prune it back every few years.
Below is a list of my favorite culinary uses for rosemary:
Rosemary Sprigs
Cut rosemary into 4 inch long sprigs for skewering mushrooms, potatoes, chicken or beef destined for the broiler or grill. The sprigs may be kept in the freezer until ready to use.
Chopped Rosemary
1.Replace the dill on roasted, buttered new potatoes.
2.Mix with goat cheese to form the base of a savory cheesecake.
3.Add it with parmesan cheese to a basic popover recipe. Herbed popovers may be eaten plain or stuffed with a sausage and mushroom mixture to create a yummy, warm, on-the-go breakfast.
4.Make Lemon-Rosemary cake balls by dumping finely chopped rosemary into ground lemon sponge cake and lemon frosting. Dip cake balls in melted white chocolate to cover and garnish with one leaf of rosemary.