Friday, October 30, 2009

Most wonderful time of the year?

A quick errand to the store yesterday just made me feel overwhelmed. Right now, retailers are jumbling the holidays together and barfing them up like the aftermath of a bad party. A little Halloween here. A little Christmas there. And a teeny bit of Thanksgiving and fall flourishes crammed in just in case.

It’s no wonder my daughter was thoroughly confused when we were at the store the other day. Is it Halloween time? Christmas time? For a kid with little sense of time, it’s visual chaos. And for me, I’d just like to take a breather.

I realize my plea to let the holidays stand for themselves will fall on the deaf ears of retailers, who are quickly ripping down Halloween costumes to make room for Christmas lights, only by Dec. 24 to start ushering in Valentine’s Day. As a former retail widow, I fully understand it’s all about making the next buck.

But when does it stop? Can we ever enjoy the season for what it is?

Thanks for listening to me vent (and putting up with my horribly bad writing!) today!


Unknown said...

Oh I totally agree...They will probably be playing Christmas songs on the first day of November...UGH...I love Christmas and I love Thanksgiving and I love Halloween...Enjoy tomorrow because sunday will be christmas songs playing...They seem to forget what Thanksgiving is all about..With my kids all grown an in college I look forward to them coming home for each and every holiday...Lisa

Carol Michel said...

One of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving, has almost become nonexistent to retailers. That's fine by me, I don't need yard sized blow up turkeys to celebrate a quiet day with family, good food, and thanks a-plenty.

Robbie said...

Lisa - I hear you. I think last year or the year before, here they had a 24hr Christmas radio station by mid-October...crazy.

Carol, I don't need a plastic family or blown up turkeys either in my yard! But I would like to not feel totally rushed on to the next holiday of choice.

utahlawyer said...

For everything there is a season. Right now, it's Halloween. I also like to enjoy seasons in turn; not at once.