Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tomato tip from Dr. Greene

In one of the strangest ways of work and life intersecting, I'm listening to an online presentation by Dr. Alan Greene, the author of Raising Baby Green.

He mentions that 40 percent of kids won't touch tomatoes - but they're twice as likely to actually try - and enjoy - the tomato if you had them the knife! "It's a simple thing to do to involve them in the meal preparation," he said.

"If you take them to the garden and have them pick it, you're more likely to have them try it. If you have a child plant a tomato, wash it and pick becomes a treasure."

Yes, they are treasures in our house. Tomatoes make a great use as balls. And my kids love to grow them in the garden. But eating them? Hardly. They just make my daughter in her words, "sad." Guess we aren't statistics in this family!

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janel said...

I love that it "makes her sad" -- that's an original child you have there (but then, that's pretty much expected!) -- would you please give her a hug from me