Monday, September 7, 2009

Seed saving - now what?

The idea of saving seeds from this year's garden was a bit intriguing to me, I'll admit. But what to do with them once I had them, I was completely unsure.

Few garden catalogs in my home offered options, and they were in the $20 or more variety - far exceeding my budget for this little experiment. I asked online to my fall gardening group, and they offered varying advice, including double-bagging them in Ziploc bags and putting them in the freezer. (I suppose seeds in the "real" world can handle a freeze or two.)

And then I stumbled on an article on making seed packets, which is an incredibly easy thing to do. So my oldest entertained herself for a few hours designing custom seed packets for our squash and bean seeds. You can find a kid-friendly template here. Want a "grown-up" version? Download a template here.

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Corie said...

How fun! Your little darling made some cutie-patootie packs! :o)