Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another reason I'm mother of the year

I confess. For all of my talk about limiting TV in our home, we make friends with the electronic babysitter from time to time. OK, maybe more than I thought.

We've tried to limit our kids' viewing to children's shows we've screened and cooking shows. Sports were fine, until we realized that the commercials for some of the movies and video games out today were scaring the 4 year old, causing some of our bedtime battles.

And we thought that decision was OK. Until yesterday.

My daughter was doing her usual cooking with water routine - typically it's making "chocolate chip tea." Or so I thought.

Lined up on our kitchen table were two child-size tea cups and her brother's sippy cup, which she picked up and started shaking up and down. "I'm making cocktails," she proudly said.

What?? We're not teatotallers by any means (we have the occasional glass of wine or beer), but we certainly don't have leisurely chats about "cocktails."

"Sandra Lee on the cooking show makes cocktails," she informed me. "I'm making water cocktails."

Yikes. They keep you on your toes, don't they? Time to rethink what they're watching, yet again!


Lisa said...

Look at it this way, this makes for a great blog. :)

Green Bean said...

Now that is downright funny!!!!! We too give up the TV ghost sometimes -especially before 7am. Gave up on sports a while back for the same reason and never thought of the cooking shows - or the cocktails angle. PBS kids if pretty safe here, at least at the time of day my kids might watch it. It's not ideal, obviously, but a mom needs to sleep. Or drink some cocktails! ;-)

Corie said...

This is such a funny story, even though you just told me about it yesterday! :o) Definitely one for her scrapbooks (even if you didn't get a shot!).

Mrs. P said...

lol! i've been cutting my daughter's tv back also. when she starts asking for it as soon as she wakes up or gets home, i knew we were letting her watch it way too much.