Sunday, March 8, 2009

Must be doing something right

If you ever wonder whether your children are watching...they will show they are in the strangest ways.

With this amazing 60-degree weather this weekend, we are spending a lot of time at the park. Yesterday, on the walking trail on the way in, my daughter stops to pick up a water bottle. I immediately jump into hyper-worrying mom mode, and tell her not to pick up the trash.

She looks at me pointedly. "Mom, (when did I become "Mom?") I have to 'cycle this water bottle." It went in the bottom of the stroller to take home.

Today, after lunch, I was begged, yes, begged on multiple occasions to work on our garden.

"Mom, I have to weed!" I was told.

How do you argue with logic like that?

I must be doing something right as a parent!


Cathy said...

hooray!! i'd be psyched about that too!

Lisa said...

Aww! Yay you are raising a greenie. Watch out because when I was 2 my dad went to throw away my baby food jar and I told him "no daddy we cycle." :)