Friday, March 20, 2009

Inspiration from Fake Plastic Fish

If you've ever been interested in abandoning your sea of plastic, Fake Plastic Fish is an inspiring place to turn, focusing on the big picture issues as well as little changes we can make.

Periodically, she shares inspiration from other blogs she's read. This week, my blog was among the ones featured in the Voices from the Plastic-Free Blogosphere. It was a fun interview, and I definitely felt inspired when reading the other bloggers' comments.

Here are some of the great ideas I picked up from other voices on this post. They're surprisingly easy. I'll admit the last one never even crossed my mind!
  • The next time you replace your shower curtains, choose cotton or bamboo instead.
  • Cut down on take-out food.
  • Swap plastic food storage containers for glass.
  • Ask for no straw when eating out.
Two blogs I'll definitely add to my feed directory:
  • At No Plastic For A Year, Katie invites a different "buddy" to try plastic-free living out with her for a week and post his/her experience on the blog. What a great idea to engage others!
  • At Cre8 and Re-Cre8, you can find DIY projects to "create useful items and to re-create old items into something new and functional."

Have a great day!


Mrs. Hoppes said...

Hello from a fellow Hoosier. I found your blog via Fake Plastic Fish and am enjoying reading it.

Unknown said...

I, too, am a fellow Hoosier. I live in West Lafayette and am active trying to get people to stop using plastic shopping bags. Please check out my blog Indiana could use all the greenies it can get.

Robbie said...

There ARE green people in Indiana! :)
I am so glad to hear it! Thank you for visiting the site.

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