Wednesday, April 9, 2014

No sugar-day: It's tougher than you think

"The Day of No Sugar Challenge is tomorrow. Any takers? I'm going to try it. It includes all sugars, including honey & syrup, even though they're unrefined & natural. My morning tea will be the hardest for me, I think."

My friend posted this on Facebook yesterday. I thought, I ought to do this anyways, being diabetic. And after all, how hard could it be? I drink diet soda. I (normally) avoid a lot of junk food, and I don't make it a practice of adding sugar to anything
What I've found already in a few short hours that avoiding sugar in your diet is tougher than I thought. My initial thought was avoid the kids' Eggo's and syrup for breakfast and focus on a protein smoothie. I smugly added my protein shake powder to my vanilla almond milk, took a drink, and had a thought: Did it really NOT have sugar?

And sadly, I was disappointed.

As lunchtime approached, I found myself not being able to try my coconut cashews. Those I knew had sugar, but it was a fun way to get a little protein to tide me over until noon. I stayed clear of the bagels and cream cheese in the office even as my stomach began to grumble.

So I turned instead to my emergency stash of lunch supplies in the office:

Yes - even your beloved Mac n' cheese has added sugars!

Before you correct me, I realize macaroni and cheese isn't exactly health food, but it was great to keep stashed in case of bad weather or in the event of a work crisis (which never happens...) I had comforted myself with the fact there actually was some fiber and two ounces of protein. But this too, was tainted with sugar. Deep within the ingredients there was maltodextrin and corn syrup, not to mention good old-fashioned “sugar.” 

I ran home over lunch hour for a conference call and to start dinner. This time I didn't blink when I whipped up some hot cocoa and milk while I was prepping. At least Starbucks has the decency to spell it out as sugar. I knew I was going down there.

Dinner, at least, I can say is sugar-free. I checked. Leftover potatoes; steamed broccoli and chicken breasts in Cream of Mushroom sauce. I checked the label. No sugar there. 

But let's not talk about the sodium....

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