Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Starting the School Year

In one hour my baby is officially a kindergartener. And I have to say I think I'm ready.

My sandwich bread for school lunches was baked the other night. We scoured our home for errant scissors and other school supplies that could be reused instead of re-purchased. I stocked up at the used uniform sale (of course, little boys pants are nowhere to be found...) We made sure our Cars towel was washed and ready for naptime and the old drippy personalized mug was cleaned up and ready for a school snacktime holder.

Sure, I didn't stock up on greener school supplies (this year our budget is tight) but I made use of what we had on hand, which I admit counts for a thing or two.

With two kids starting this year, it doesn't feel quite as smooth as years past, but I think I'm ready.

Now if I can just get them out the door in time...


Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families said...

I hope that your kids are enjoying their new routine. I always love this time of year because it equals new beginnings. I also stock up on extra school supplies while they are cheap for those mid-year needs or projects at home.

robbie @ going green mama said...

Christy, thank you for stopping by! We have survived the hurdles of re-adjusting to school life! Thanks!