Sunday, July 7, 2013

Two-ingredient upholstery cleaner that works

Finding the months-old puke stain in my van was the final straw. My car needed a serious scrub-down. And of course, I was out of Resolve cleaner, which I admit is my usual standby.

On this evening, I decided to bypass the store and see if there wasn't a way to make this easily myself. And what I found impressed me: a two-ingredient option that was worth the attempt even if it didn't work.

Homemade upholstery cleaner
2 cups warm water
squirt dish soap

In a mixer, blend on medium or higher until foamy.

Sounded easy enough, but did it work? I put my dirty, puke-stained floor coverings to the test.



I may never buy Resolve again.

homemade upholstery cleaner for car that works

The only challenge with making your own upholstery cleaner? It's your 8-year-old discovering how easy it is to make, and coming out with extra bowls of the cleaner that she's whipped up herself. Before I knew it the kids were slipping and sliding all over the back of the van. But then again, I have to say, my floor hasn't looked this clean since the day I brought it home!

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