Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Go Green Get Fit: Taking Note of Changes

Wrapping up week one of the Go Green Get Fit challenge, sponsored by plantetshoes.com, my biggest strides have been mental.

As I'm still battling a back injury, my workout routine has been minimal: reworking my core, some pool time and stretching.

But despite this challenge, I'm a winner. And here's why: I had a breakthrough on my diet.

I've heard for years that keeping a food diary can make you more consistent on your diet. I've been lukewarm about that at best over the years and felt as long as I kept the mental tally of exchanges I'd be pretty much on track.

Except I wasn't. This week I logged my meals and it was an eye-opener. My "once in a while" treats or meal choices were nearly a daily occurance.

I hadn't been planning for lunches at work, nor snacks in the day in case I needed to boost my blood sugar levels.

I was guilty of too little dairy and produce and too many starches.

And while I could do little during a road trip this weekend to address this, I've reworked my eating since.

I went to a birthday party Sunday, choosing salmon and spinach salad for my meal since I knew I'd want dessert.

I dug out my smoothie book for a breakfast alternative to the all-to-easy cereal.

I planned a dinner last night with carbs on the side, serving myself a smaller portion and loading up on the fish.

In the end, it's 1 million tiny choices that make the difference. Even when I'm back to 100%, I can't out-exercise poor eating choices.

How are you doing on your fitness goals?

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