Saturday, July 16, 2011


The last few weeks have been hectic. Company many weekends. Parties. Projects. A car wreck. Hail damage on our home. Home projects. Work projects. And kids.

Amid our frustrations an unwelcome thing occurred. Our phones and internet from Comcast have been on the fritz for the last several days. No checking something online. No quick calls (it's like playing roullette as to whether you'll get through.) No voice mails to be grabbed - as they don't go through.

But even with these headaches I've appreciated the quiet. I hd a welcome break from my late-night catching up on work emails. I've resisted the urge to "check one thing" on the computer. No phone calls interrupted our family at bedtime or dinner.

What did we do instead? Enjoyed family time. Evenings at the pool, playing in the sprinkler while mom weeded, long walks to the park. Kind of what summer should be about: slowing down.

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