Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hot cross buns and other Easter plans

We're radically trying to change how we handle our holiday seasons, moving them more in line with what we'd initially hoped for our kids (more memories, less stuff). This is applying to Easter as well.

Instead of big baskets (which we'd never quite gotten to), the kids are each getting a bug box and magnifying glass. The in-laws have sent over candies from Russell Stovers in KC, and the Easter Bunny is largely sneaking in a few small candies and goldfish crackers for tomorrow's (likely indoors) hunt.

We're kicking up our Easter traditions in the kitchen, too. This year will be our first to dye eggs, and I have finally convinced my 5 year old that does not mean watercoloring broken eggshells after we've cooked! We also made for the first time Hot Cross Buns last night, a time-consuming project, though not as bad as making homemade cinnamon rolls. We deviated a bit from the original recipe, swapping dried cranberries for the currants. You could likely swap for raisins or any other dried fruit as well. You'd think my youngest had gone to heaven this morning at breakfast. Tomorrow, we're planning to make Resurrection Rolls, which hopefully can engage even the 3 year old for a few minutes.

But the biggest memory of this season? The grandparents are driving up. And that is the best thing any kid can wish for. Happy Easter!

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