Saturday, February 19, 2011

Not too late

You can give a lot of excuses why you don't have guests over. Perhaps the house is a mess. The children are out of sorts. It's a bad time at work.

But some day, we will all run out of time.

This week, a good friend of mine found out her father has pancreatic cancer. Untreated the average life is 12 weeks. He's looking at options for extending his life with the most quality he can. Instead of worrying about their kids' gym meets or spelling tests, they're trying to cram a lifetime of memories until the time his treatment begins.

Today, I'm staring at my house. Laundry baskets scattered in the living room. Papers on the kitchen table. Toy room, well, being used well. A couple coming from my church tommorrow for marriage preparation. Work incredibly stressful, with our big project next week. And my daughter having had a rough week at school, having made a few bad choices in the way she reacted to situations.

So I make the call. And invite my parents up for the night. Because we're not too busy, or too messy, or too frazzled. We need to make our memories now, before we wish we had.

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