Friday, November 5, 2010

In every snowflake, a miracle

In every snowflake, a miracle. And those miracles showered from the sky.

It's what happens when your toddler utters those words in a simple prayer. No sooner had he asked that fireworks not scare him (it's Diwali) and that we please get snow, than he got his wish.
The booming stopped, and snow showers poured from the sky.

I opened the door for the kids to watch the season's first snowfall. Mesmerized, they stood there, watching the flakes, then crouching down by the floor to watch more intently. An amazing moment of silence, as their father was trying to sleep, then:

"Snow coming down. On the ground," my youngest said breathlessly.

"God listened! He knows how kids like to play in the snow!" my oldest cried out. "God listened!"

"To me? To you?"

And the pair turned toward me. "Please sit down and watch," my oldest said. It was an offer I couldn't turn down.

We watched the tiny balls of snow pile up on the windshields, until the shower slowed to light flakes. Then the two tottered back to their sleeping bags.

And as the snores began, the fireworks once again broke through the night sky.

In every flake, a miracle.

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Unknown said...

Love your posts about the natural world. It really is a miraculous place! Thanks for the happy words!
-Deb for Ecover