Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesdays and weekends

Welcome to Wednesday. Thank God the week is half over. After being sick for five days and a parent in the hospital, here's hoping for the better half!

Thought I'd key you into my new schedule. Yes, I'm officially gearing down for awhile. I'm tired of apologizing for a crazy life. And I'm sure you're tired of reading said apologies.

Instead, I promise you'll see me here on Wednesdays and weekends for the near future.

The reasons? Work. I've been blessed with one of the biggest challenges of my career, and it eats a lot of off hours as well.

Health. Seriously. My tendonitis is flaring up, the worst it's been since my reporter days. Pain is not a call to creativity.

Family. Because they count too.

So that being said, see you this weekend!


Teresa Clark said...

What's the work opportunity? Sounds exciting!

Robbie said...

Ah, you know...the project that is killing me! :)

We are due for a lunch soon!!!