Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I deserve better

Two hospitalizations ina week can really get you thinking. Especially when the heart in question is someone you love.

And so the last week or two, I've been thinking. I deserve better.

I've been diabetic for more than a decade. And I deserve to keep my blood sugars in tight control, even if it means turning down the random treat in the office.

I've been a parent for five years. And I deserve to eat and drink things without worry about how they will harm my health - not to mention help me stay strong enough to keep up with my children.

I've been stressed at work and at home for longer than I care to admit. And I deserve to take the time to get the sleep at night I need, and start my day in a reasonably good, well rested mood.

Frankly, I deserve better. Maybe it's time I start showing it...


Lisa said...

Sorry to hear about your health issues. I had high insulin for awhile but thankfully got it back down to a normal level.

Have you read the new studies showing a link with being diabetic and chemicals? Some studies are showing eat an organic diet and avoiding toxic chemicals can help diabetics.

Robbie said...

Lisa, thanks. I am just glad my parent is through the worst of it!

Me, I'm just trying to rethink again how I'm doing things. It's just the fodder to get off the fence!

I had not heard about those studies, but will definitely look into it. THanks!