Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer is for slowing down

Where did the summer go?

As our school inches closer to the balanced calendar, we parents are finding that question to be more urgent than ever: Where did the summer go?

While we can't lengthen our calendar, we can lengthen our days: simply, by slowing down. Unplug and just soak in all that's around us.

Summer shouldn't be about families racing from competition to competition.

Summer should be about splashing in the pool and playing at the park.

Summer shouldn't be about cramming every experience in while you can.

Summer should be about enjoying the moment and realizing it's OK to say when it's enough.

We are just two weeks from our first day of school. And we plan to enjoy it. At our pace.

If it means the kids are too tired after camp to play at the park when I get home, that's OK.

If it means my 6-year-old just wants to decompress with his John Deere trucks or Legos, that' OK.

If it means my fourth grader tucks away with a book or her art supplies, that's OK.

Because at the end of the day, we - kids included - just need to slow down.

How do you slow down in the summer?

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