Monday, June 18, 2012

Go Green, Get Fit: The importance of a plan B

The Go Green, Get Fit challenge begins today, and it's the worst possible timing for me.

  • I am recovering from a back strain from overdoing it at work. (Take more trips next time!)
  • My kids are off schedule from two week's at scout camp and evening Vacation Bible School - we're still not back to regular bedtimes, and I'm worn out by the time they're in bed.
  • Tomorrow my 4 year old, the one who's worst at bedtime, has his first corrective visit for a cross-bite, and we're bracing for a week or more of continuing poor sleep and cranky boy.
  • We're facing another week of 90-degree heat.
  • And we're planning a fairly impromptu road trip this weekend to see my sister, her husband and our niece at my parents' home.

Which means that I need a Plan B. Stat.

My workouts tend to lean toward the mornings before the kids wake up, all good unless you're wiped out and struggle to get up at the alarm. And the idea of hiking to the park is out with a foreecast of 92.

I could just throw up my arms and say I'll start next week. But that is another week wasted.

So this week's Plan B:

  • Focus on strength work to slowly work back my core.
  • Use a few nights of "walk away the pounds" type videos, which won't result in a lot of bouncing but will raise my heart rate.
  • Children's behavior permitting, use that neighborhood swimming pool!
  • Write down my eating, and focus on eating fruit on a daily basis (my toughest thing to do).
Do you plan for your "Plan B" when workouts get derailed? What works best for you?

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