Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lessons from the farmers market today

Lessons learned at the farmers market today:

My 16-month-old may be able to out-eat his weight in foccacia bread, particularly when it's smothered in garlic, herbs and cheese. So two pieces for the family to share just isn't going to cut it for a mid-morning snack. (Can I tell you those kids finished off nearly two 4-inch squares each?)

"Share some of your bread with your brother" apparently means taking a crumb not even the size of the tip of your pinkie and handing it to your sibling, as if you've done a great feat.

If you don't know how much room is left in the garden (or remember quite how many peat pellets are still sprouting in your kitchen), don't come home with a half-dozen new veggie plants to cram in to your garden. No matter how unusual the variety.

Slacking pays off. Arriving at the end of the market means you may miss out on the green garlic or asparagus, but it also means you snatch some great deals. One vendor, ready for the day to end, offered to give me all of her broccoli for what I was ready to pay for one bunch. Maybe I won't worry so much about getting the kids out the door on Saturdays!

Hope you enjoyed a day as gorgeous as ours today!

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